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Date: 2019

Medium: Oil on cotton canvas with deep wooden frame and painted edges creating a 3D effect on the wall


Motif dimensions: 50x50 cm
Frame dimensions: 50x50 cm


Signature: Hand-signed by me on the front and back with the title of the work


Mounting: This is a lightweight canvas that doesn't require any special mounting, you can hang it form a couple of nails. This makes it create a nice 3D effect along the edges.

The finished painting.


The drawing. Made this in my tiny student apartment kitchen.

preview before black levels.jpg

The painting when the background was still blue. I later made it completely black, including the hair. However, due to the way that one uses more oil when adding new layers of paint (this has to be done to avoid cracking) it made the black paint semi-transparent, so from certain angles you can still see her hair.


The hair can still be seen in certain light.


Subtle signature on this one.


Backside with date and signature on the frame.

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