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Q: How do I buy a painting?

A: Paintings that are for sale, are listed in the store. It will have a link either to Etsy (global shipping) or Tradera (Sweden only). Some paintings are too big to be shipped outside of Sweden.

Special shipping can be arranged even for large paintings. Keep in mind though that the cost of shipping might exceed the cost of the actual painting itself. Send me a note via  the contact form.


Q: Can I bid on a painting before it comes up for sale?

Yes! Easiest is to follow me on Instagram @xollerx where I post paintings that are fresh out of the oven. This way, you can bid on a painting before it goes for sale (it normally takes 1-2 years for it to dry).

When it's ready to ship, I will contact you to see if you're still interested, and if other potential buyers have placed bids. This way you have  a chance to get your hands on a painting before it goes public.

Q: Can you make a painting for me?

A: Yes, use the contact form.


Q: What is the Master's Work Series?

These are my recreations of classic paintings, made as practice and admiration for some of the great painters of old. They are real oil paintings made with hours of craftmanship and love.

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