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Announcing "The Children of Angmar", The Lord of the Rings fan film

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

One funny thing about getting older, is that it seems time is speeding up. Remember summer break as a kid, how it felt really long? Now it feels like I’m watching the years fly by.

Therefore I have decided to ramp up my filmmaking journey. I do a lot of different creative stuff, but filmmaking is where my heart is.

Early prototype logo.

“The Children of Angmar” will be my first (serious) take on Tolkien, although admittedly I have made a parody as well… if you snoop around, maybe can you find it!

Just like the Star Wars fan film, it will be shot in modules. Sometimes actors will be in the same scene but it's filmed months/ears apart.

Right now the work consists of planning wardrobe, props & doing a previsualization (“previs”) which is a kind of animated storyboard. I usually have a clear vision of what I want, and making a previs both helps to keep down costs (as in planning every shot beforehand) and helps actors to see my vision for the film.

Stay tuned on Instagram for updates where I post teasers of all my current projects. @xollerx

“The Children of Angmar” is a non-profit fan film NOT ENDORSED, SPONSORED, OR AFFILIATED WITH MIDDLE-EARTH ENTERPRISES or WARNER BROS. PICTURES. For fans by fans.

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