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The story behind "Mystery Boy"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A challenge for me artistically is to make happy music.

I’m naturally drown to melancholy, so a track like Mystery Boy pushes me out of my comfort zone. Which, as often tends to be the case in life in general, is good for you.

Mystery Boy is a happy dance track that spawned out of the above mentioned "condition" that I always end up making sad music. I begin a new project, work on a melody with a positive vibe to it, and then the melancholy just creeps in. The third verse does have a bit melancholic vibe to it, but overall I think I managed to stay away from too much darkness in this one.

The singer is anonymous and featured under the pseudonym ZILYN. Why do this, you may ask?

I saw a discussion on reddit that people felt it was unfair that music producers sometimes leave out the singer’s name. It is important to understand that there can be a number of reasons for this doing this.

The singer (or producer) could be signed that affects name usage; the singer might not want to be credited because he or she is a freelancer; the singer might be more famous than the producer and needs to be picky about what other names he/she is associated with, and so on.

I also noticed a funny thing with my previous release, Crazy and Loud. When marketing the song some people gave feedback like "Oller has such a beautiful voice, I love her singing!" . This might not be a problem until major music bloggers and influencers start sharing your songs, then you'll get fans and followers that believe you are a singer-songwriter type of artist when you're not.

It also helps to clarify that I primarily see myself as a music producer, even though Oller is technically also an artist!

Mystery Boy is now on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. Check out the dance video on YouTube with a very talented dancer.

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