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Zelda Legendary Scale Statue

Date: 2019-2023

Limited to 4 in total, each numbered & signed.

Medium: PLA, clay


Aprox.: 1,6 kg (3.6 punds)
Aprox.: 79 cm (31 inches)


All four statues have individual variations, number 1/4 was a concept statue slightly larger and with a different base. The other three also has minor variations, in practice making them unique.

First the model was 3D printed in several parts, then joined & sculpted with clay to even out print imperfections and also give stability to the model. The printers I used at the time weren't great,

and a lot of manual labour was involved.

Assembled with clay to cover seams and adding stability.


Notice the white parts of the hair; the top of the head is one pice, and it also cuts off just underneath the chest.


Finished statue number 1 of 4. This is a concept version slightly larger than the others with a different logo.


Prints lines are still visible. I realized the project wasn't that interesting to start with, in combination with poor 3D printing, the statues sold very cheap (below manufacturing costs).


Soft fabric base with signature.

This fan project was not endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo.

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